DAMON'S MISSION Long before my parole release from prison, I was planning for the day I would be a force for positive change in the world. After years of living in my addiction, and committing property crimes to feed my habits, I knew I needed to make the changes necessary to be a healthy, productive member of society. I made these corrections in the harshest environment possible: maximum security prison. Armed with both a cautionary tale of the dangers of criminal addictive behavior and a story of hope in the face of the worst possible odds, I share my story with thousands of people. I have had a lot of help along the way. In prison, just as in society, my faith, my family, and my community have paved the way for my success. In my mission to reach out to youth, and motivate others, there are two men who have had the most influence and impact on this project: Judge Brad Burnett and Marcello “Mo” Molfino. Without the commitment of these two men to this project, this movement for change, none of this would be possible. Each brings his own unique message to our audiences. The very idea of a sitting judge, a law enforcement officer and an ex-con working together to effect social change is so audacious, it is effective.

Judge Brad Burnett

Marcelo “Mo” Molfino